Everyone is dying to have a perfect picture of their beautiful tiny sweetheart on frame.

newborn baby photographyNewborn photography is a trend growing in fame by the year with almost all newly made parents rushing to find a professional photographer to take pictures of their infants, days after the birth. Usually, first time newborn photography clients get too excited and hire photographer on the dot without knowing what they actually want for the newborn photography. It is important that people understand that newborn photography isn’t as simple as having the infant in front of a camera. Newborn photography is a tedious process with important elements that need to be balanced out in order to garner that amazing sleeping photo you keep seeing in social media. One of the most important variables that clients and photographers should consider is the pose that infant will do for the newborn photography. There is a variety of poses you can make your baby do, here are some of them.

The first pose is a traditional, standard pose that should be included in your newborn photography.

Have your infant be laid on any comfortable surface on his tummy with his head resting on his head. This classic pose is the definition of cuteness and is super simple which any baby can do. Usually newborn photography is schedule two weeks after the child is born. Clients should understand that during this time frame the baby is in a “sleepy mode” state and will virtually nothing but sleep. As such, this is the ideal pose for your newborn photography. Plus, it is a very safe pose which isn’t strenuous to the baby. You may be tempted to imitate the pictures you see on social media which shows infants doing intricate, artistic poses. However, you should understand that not all babies can do this and can cause potential damage to the infant if forced. Stick with this simple pose to ensure your baby’s safety. If this is too bland, you can always talk to your photographer to spice things up by adding a few props here and there, changing the background or adjusting the lighting.

The next pose is the one where you put your newborn on his back and cover him with blankets or placing him in basket.

Of course, baskets aren’t standards which you have to follow through; you can mess around a bit and place your baby on top of satin sheets or a flower bed. Artistic ideas are very much encourage in newborn photography. A great thing with having a baby lying down on his back is that this pose is one hundred percent safe and offers zero chance of harm to the infant. Plus, it would make a great wall picture for the living room.

The last pose you can try out for your newborn photography is having your baby lay on his side on top of a blanket or pillow.

If you want something fresh and unique use a beanie instead. Any soft surface which can ensure your baby is comfortable will make this shot look absolutely stunning and adorable. Add a teddy bear or musical instruments to make the shot even cuter. This poses are very generic and will always yield you great results for your newborn photography.