No one wants to look ugly in photos, especially in wedding photos.

wedding photographerHowever, getting the perfect pose or smile is easier said than done. Perfecting wedding photography is a difficult task. A lot of elements come in to play. The biggest piece of the puzzle for one’s wedding photography to succeed and become a work of art is in hiring a professional wedding photographer. Hiring a good wedding photographer is a great start in trying to look good in your wedding photos. The other half of the puzzle which you should think about when trying to get those amazing wedding shot is how you pose and carry yourself when the shots are actually being taken. Basically, you have to help yourself look good by remembering this guideline in wedding photography.

The first thing you should think about is hair and make-up.

Before the actual wedding it would be best if you talk to your wedding photographer and your stylist and have them both coordinate with each other. Your wedding photographer knows which make-up style will look good in the camera and which will make you look like the “Wicked Witch of the West” from Oz. By having them work hand-in-hand, you assure yourself that your make-up will not make you look bad on camera. A great suggestion would be to have a test-run on your make-up and wedding photography so you can actually see how you will look like before your wedding day. Tip number two in looking good is to practice your poses in front of the mirror. You may think it is silly but it actually helps improve how you will look on camera.

Find your angle is what most professional wedding photographers will tell you.

Angling is an important key in having great wedding photography. Certain angles make you look fat and others make you look like a drug addict. It would be in your best interest if you avoid these. Another perk in posing in front of the mirror is that it helps you find a comfortable pose. The fierce, high-fashion model pose may make you look stiff and awkward. If this occurs, try another pose. By doing this ahead of time, you can avoid looking like a fish out of water who flounders around trying different poses in your wedding photography. Practicing your pose beforehand also helps you save time which is very valuable when planning for a wedding. In posing, try to smile with your eyes. Your wedding photographer will probably tell you to connect with the camera and your eyes are the perfect channels to form this connection. Make your eyes pop if you are going for expressive. Scrunch them a bit when going for fierce. Hopefully this helps you get that amazing wedding photo.

The last thing tip in looking good is to stretch.

Yes, we mean to elongate yourself to the limit. Crane your neck and raise your chin. The reason behind this is it shows confidence which is what wedding photography would like to bring out in you. You are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with showing it. Don’t hide those arms and bow your head. Stand tall and proud and surely, you’ll look stunning in your wedding photos.